4minute’s Ga Yoon Lost 18 Pounds Because of “24/7”

2YOON’s, a subunit of 4minute, Ga Yoon revealed the secret behind her 8kg (roughly 17.6 pounds) weight loss.

During an interview with a local media, she shared, “I lost 8kg while practicing the choreography for 2YOON’s ’24/7.’”Ga Yoon explained, “Once we start dancing, we sweat like crazy. Ji Yoon and I thought that our past choreographies for 4minute were easier than this.”

She revealed, “Now, we can’t even fit into our own clothes. We have to get even the smallest sizes refitted,” proving the intensity of their new choreography. Ga Yoon continued, “The number of fans worrying about our weight loss is increasing. Since we’re balancing exercise with our diet, our health is ok. We’re very strong.”

Ji Yoon stated, “Because we’re promoting as a group of two, our [singing] portions have increased. Also, our choreography doesn’t let us rest during the performance, so we’re definitely using a lot more energy.” She added, “ A while back, we were practicing for our comeback performance with [child actress] Kim Yoo Jung, and she said that she kept getting so hungry after dancing ‘24/7.’”

Meanwhile, 2YOON comprises of 4minute’s Ji Yoon and Ga Yoon. With their country pop dance tunes, they’ve attracted a lot of attention for attempting a genre that isn’t too common in K-Pop.