2AM’s Seulong: “I Want To Be Socially Influential Like Lee Hyori”

During his interview with magazine “@star1,” 2AM‘s Seulong told, “After I participated in film ‘26 Years,’ there has been some major changes in the ways I see the world and carry myself around as an entertainer.” 

In film “26 Years,” Seulong played the role of intelligence agent Kwon Jung Hyuk. Film “26 Years” is about a group of individuals seeking revenge of 5.18 Gwangju Democratic Uprising of 1980. Since the movie entails a strong social message about democracy and justice, actors who starred in the film also had a special attitude toward social issues. 

Seulong commented, “While working on this film, I studied a lot about the society, politics, and economics. In doing so, I thought to myself that I want to become like Lee Hyori, an entertainer who actively participates in social issues and have some influences on different aspects of the society.”

He added, “After I make a lot of money, I felt like I was getting used to everything, being numb. As that continued, I kept thinking that ‘I need clear my head and my vision.’ For some time now, I’ve been realizing that money and fame aren’t everything. What’s important is to cherish the essence of life.”

Seulong also said that he is always careful and prudent in expressing his opinions. He said, “Whenever I write something on twitter, I try to be very careful. I don’t want to seem snobby in expressing my intelligence.”