Who Will Be the T10 for SBS K-Pop Star? Watch the Contestants!

Ok well, unfortunately some of the members were put together as a group so this list does not contain EVERY contestant. (Missing about 3 of the groups this is because they were on separate teams) Regardless, with the Sunday episode coming our way lightningstix wanted to take a look back at the contenders and their performances! Hope you enjoy! 


1. Kim Min Jung – Rolling in the Deep


2. Andrew Choi – Number One

3. Shin Ji Hoon – Back to You

4. Devil (Ahkdong) Musician – Don’t Cross Your Legs

5. Nicole Curry – Price Tag

6. Seung Sujin – Give More Power to the People

7. Choi Yegeun – I Have a Girlfriend

8. Kim Do Yeon – Run to You

9. Raccoon Boys – Like This 

10. Choi Huitae – After That Day

11. Two Thousand Won – I Have a Girl 

12. Bang Yedam – Isn’t She Lovely

13. Lee Jin Woo – Inside Your Heaven

14. Yoon Juseok – Englishman in New York
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