G-Dragon Dresses Up As a Hip Hop Anpanman

On January 25, Big Bang’s G-Dragon tweeted, “Done with working today. Now if I sleep and wake up it will be the Seoul concert. I hope all of you gain rest and tomorrow let’s go crazy. Everyone, good night. I will see you tomorrow yo.”

G-Dragon posted a picture of himself where he is wearing an “Anpanman” mask. Now, we really have no clue why he wore a Anpanman mask. But here is a bit of an explanation of what Anpanman is!

Anpan is a Japanese sweet roll filled with red bean paste. The sweet roll was first made in 1875. Anpanman was a picture book series written by Takashi Yanase since 1973. It is one of the most popular anime series for young children in Japan. This show also aired in Japan and was very popular. Anpanman is an adorable character whose head is a bun made by another character named Uncle Jam