JYJ's Jaejoong Shares His Opinions on MBC

During a recent interview with a media outlet, JYJ‘s Jaejoong opened up about his opinions on songs from MBC “Infinity Challenge” taking over various music charts. He was asked, “Many argue that comedian the songs comedian Park Myung Soo wrote on MBC ‘Infinity Challenge’ have taken over music charts unjustly and this has become a very controversial issue. What’s your opinion on this matter?”

Jaejoong answered, “I understand that it is controversial, but I don’t think it is a matter that one could tell someone else what to do or what not to do. I’m sure Park Myung Soo wrote those songs with sincerity and genuine passion, but many people might have taken it as a joke since the songs were introduced on a variety TV show. However, it is natural that songs sung by popular celebrities are ranked highly on music charts.”

He added, “It’s a common phenomenon not only in Korea, but also internationally. In Japan, a 5-year-old child releases songs as well as comedians and top music charts. Members of ‘Infinity Challenge’ are the best and most popular celebrities. I am not surprised to see songs sung and written by them ranked highly on music charts.” 

Recently on MBC “Infinity Challenge,” comedian Park Myung Soo became a singer-songwriter. Songs he wrote were sung and performed by fellow members of “Infinity Challenge” and once these songs were introduced on air, they soon topped various music charts. Many singers and music producers were not happy to see such phenomenon, arguing that songs produced by Park Myung Soo are of poor quality and large broadcasting companies are now taking over music industry, too. Korean Entertainment Producers’ Association released an official statement regarding this happening, arguing that broadcasting companies’ influences on the music industry and marketplace could be very harmful with their lack of quality-control and in the end, affect K-pop’s international popularity negatively.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong released his very first solo mini album “Mine” after 10 years since his debut. He will be holding his first solo independent concert “Your, My and Mine” in Ilsan, Korea on January 26 and 27. 

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