Kara’s Park Gyuri Shares Her “Celebrity Photo” on Twitter

On January 25, Kara‘s Park Gyuri tweeted a photo and commented, “I’m really satisfied that I look like a celebrity in this picture! But I feel a little bit bad for the people around me doing their job and protecting me.” 

The revealed photo shows Gyuri wearing a tight mini dress with beads and lace garnish that accentuates every curve in her body. Her dark brown hair is flowing down to her waist. Around her is a group of uniformed guards clearing the way for her. This picture is from her appearance at “International Jewelry Tokyo” event in Tokyo, Japan on January 24.

Netizens commented on Park Gyuri’s celebrity photo, “You look like a top star,” “Gyuri, you’re already a celebrity!” and “I could not help but laugh so hard when I saw this.”