Kang Ji Young Photobombs Nicole’s Selca

On January 24, Kara‘s Nicole wrote on twitter, “Kkangji was a chick today. She was taking selcas by herself and then saw me taking one and decided to pose for it,” and posted a picture of herself and Kang Ji Young along with the comment. 

The revealed photo shows Nicole in the front looking beautiful with her long flowy hair and bold neckless. She is smiling so lovingly, looking at Kang Ji Young in the back. Meanwhile, Kang Ji Young is in the back wearing a bright yellow mini dress that makes her look like a chick and posing humorously for the picture. 

Netizens commented on the picture, “Kang Ji Young is a babe,” “I could tell that Nicole really adores Kang Ji Young in this picture,” “I love it when the two of them are together,” and “I love Kang Ji Young’s yellow ‘chick’ dress. It looks so good on her! 

Meanwhile, Kang Ji Young decided to no longer star in upcoming KBS drama “Iris 2.”