Tablo Appears on BBC and Talks About Korean Music Getting More International Exposure

After PSY’s huge worldwide hit, K-pop has been receiving more and more international exposure these days.

Epik High‘s Tablo recently appeared on BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

His interview was broadcasted on January 25 under the topic, “Why is Korean pop music so popular?”

During the interview, the BBC reporter asked Tablo the question, ”Do you have any plans to team up and record music with PSY?” Tablo responded, ”Before PSY released ‘Gangnam Style,’ we had already discussed getting together to record some music. Currently, however, he is very busy. But when he comes back, you will hear a new song produced by PSY and myself.”

Meanwhile, on the show, Tablo also explained and introduced the song and music video for ”Tomorrow,” which features Big Bang’s Taeyang. Check out the interview here.