B.A.P Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Video Message From Members

Wow, does time fly! It has already been a year since B.A.P debuted. In celebration, the members have been revealing special messages to fans. Jongup and Zelo revealed their message yesterday while Daehyun and Youngjae released theirs today.

The video message starts off with a montage of B.A.P’s music videos including “Warrior“, “Crash“, and “Stop It.”

Jongup starts the video by introducing himself and greeting his fans. He says, “It’s already been on year since we debuted. The past year we did many thing and at first for me it was awkward with Babys. The hyungs did well but I couldn’t say very much in the beginning. These days I feel like I’ve changed a lot and it has become more fun. I want to interact more with the fans during out performances, and when I’m not performing I miss it. Now that a year has past I’m going to try to talk and interact more with the fans. Thank you for all that you have done the past year, and we will work hard to give you better performances. Please continue to show us a lot of love. Thank you.”

Zelo was next with his video message. The youngest member said, “Finally it’s been one year for B.A.P. There were a lot of difficult times but because of the fans we were strengthened and worked hard. Thank you to all the fans for all that you do. We will continue to show awesome performances. Please continue to show us a lot love.”

The end of the video hints that the other members will also be giving their video messages.

Check out the videos below.

Jongyup and Zelo

Daehyun and Youngjae

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