Sunye Talks About Music Career, Plans for Children, Husband, Etc During Press Conference

On January 26, Wonder Girls‘ Sunye has opened up and spoke about many things during her press conference before tying the knot with her now-husband, James Pak. She shared her feelings about becoming the first idol artist to get married.

Here are the other questions and answers from Sunye’s press conference.

Q: How do you feel about becoming the first idol to get married?

A: I had no intentions of being the first to get married but somehow, it happened (laughs). I’m so thankful. I may be the first idol right now to get married but there are ex-idol seniors who have made families right now. I want to follow their footsteps and make a beautiful family.

Q: Tell us why you wanted to get married at such a young age.

A: Marriage is the start of the rest of my life. I am young but I do have many different experiences in my life. When I was young, I loved performing so I ran toward my dream of becoming an artist. And as more time passed, I grasped the direction of my life. I think the marriage today will be the start of going toward that direction.

Q: Did you make plans for children on your first night of your honeymoon? Who do you want your kids to look like?

A: We have no special plans yet. I think our honeymoon will just be a good time of rest (laughs). We want one son and one daughter. We wish our children to have both of our good features mixed together.

Q: There are rumors of pregnancy.

A: There is no life in my stomach yet. But I think I will in the future.

Q: Has your husband ever been worried about your male fans?

A: Fortunately, the Wonder Girls’ has more female fans than male fans (laughs). Actually, I don’t really get hurt from negative comments online but my husband is pretty sensitive. When I see him getting hurt, I get sad. But I think this is a special experience too. I want to think positively.

Q: What were the other Wonder Girls’ response to your marriage?

A: I received a lot of strength from them because they sincerely congratulated me and supported me. I know there are many people who are sad but I think this is a chance to see the Wonder Girls’ charms individually. I hope people won’t be sad.

Q: Who do you think is the next Wonder Girls’ member to get married?

A: All the girls have big dreams about making a family. I think our maknae Hye Lim will get married next. Hye Lim talks about her dream house and she is very organized just like a good mother.

Q: Tell us about your best friend Jo Kwon emceeing your wedding.

A: When I asked Jo Kwon to emcee the ceremony, he was so worried that he was about to cry. But I knew he would do well as soon as he grabbed the mic so I didn’t worry. I think Jo Kwon will do a good job in making a good atmosphere for the wedding.

Q: What do you think about Park Jin Young singing the wedding song?

A: Actually, I asked Ye Eun and other artists from JYP for the wedding song at first. But at some point, Park Jin Young was joining along the discussion too. I thought it might be awkward since he is the CEO of our company but I am so grateful that he is congratulating us. I received a lot of courage from his words, “Don’t hesitate your marriage because of popularity.” Spending over 10 years at JYP Entertainment was a huge blessing to me.

Q: When will we see you as an artist again?

A: I am not resigning. Even if I don’t appear on TV, I will still sing as long as my voice is alive. It’s hard to say when I will come back as an artist but it won’t be too long.

Q: Since your husband is a missionary, will you work with him as well?

A: Many people think I will be jumping into missionary work because of my husband but even before I met him, I went on many mission trips. That is how I met him in the first place.

Q: You call your husband, “Mr. Husband,” and it seems like your respect for him is very big. Your husband is very good-looking — which part of him do you like the best?

A: He has many aspects that make me respect him. Because he is my other half, that alone makes me respect him. I was touched by his sincerity when looking at other people. I also saw how good he was with kids and I thought he would make a good dad.

Q: What is the reason you will spend your newlywed years in Canada?

A: My in-laws are in Canada and my husband is from Canada as well. So it’s natural we will be going there after we get married.

Q: Are you confident with your cooking?

A: I’m not confident but I like making ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes), spicy chicken and other things. My mother-in-law is good at cooking so I think I will learn a lot from her. I want to try making soy sauce marinated crabs sometime.

Q: What did your husband say when he saw you in a wedding dress for the first time?

A: He didn’t say much. He just said I looked pretty. Designer Lee Myung Soon took special care to my dress. As you can see, the dress is based on a “young bride” look. I don’t even know if I can wear it. (laughs).

Q: Who will receive the bouquet?

A: My English teacher and my old-time friend. If I give it to a celebrity friend, I think they might feel pressured so I chose a non-celebrity.

Q: Your wedding ring is so beautiful.

A: In the past, my in-laws made the same wedding rings as theirs for her son and future daughter-in-law. When I heard this, I teared up. I want to become that kind of mother-in-law to my future daughter-in-law. My in-laws tell me to call them “mom” and “dad,” — that’s how good they are to me.

Q: What would you like to say to the idol stars who will follow your steps in getting married?

A: As you walk down the path of your life, there will be many conditions and different environments. But I hope you won’t change your inner core because of external things. Marriage is yet another decision while walking on the path of your life. I will send my congratulations in advance to those who will get married in the future.

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