Check Out Kahi’s Body Doing Pilates

Kahi, a former member of After School, revealed a photo of herself doing Pilates.

On January 26, the singer uploaded a photo with a short message, “I started to work out. My hips are sore.”

Kahi flaunted her long legs and her enviable figure in a tight yoga outfit as she concentrates on her pose. The picture of her showing off a very difficult move by balancing while having one leg stretched up in the air caught viewer’s attention.

Pilates is a physical fitness exercise that helps to build flexibility and muscle strength by repeating the same moves over and over again. The singer has continuously been working out doing many sport activities such as jogging, bicycling and horseback riding.

Bloggers were impressed with Kahi’s commitment to fitness and commented, ”Wow, is that really the body of a thirty-four year old woman?” “Her body figure is perfect” and “That’s how we should work out.”