Big Bang Poses With D-Unit After Their Concert

On January 26, on the official me2day of group D-Unit, Rami uploaded a photo along with a message, “This is Rami. Today we went to Big Bang’s concert! It has been a while since we were at a concert, and we had a great time. We screamed with the other VIP fans. We learned a lot too.”

Rami added, “Us D-Unit would love to one day hold an awesome concert just like Big Bang. We love you. Unique.”

In the released picture are D-Unit and Big Bang members posing and looking friendly. Big Bang members look especially cool with their funky expressions and poses.

Netizens who saw this picture commented, “They look like they are having a good time,” “Big Bang concert was the best,” “It’s nice to see Big Bang showing love to the young artists.”