Yoo In Na Looks Hot in Wonder Woman Inspired Look

Actress Yoo In Na transformed into a sexy new image that might even shock Ji Hyun Woo. The actress modeled for designer Jo Sung Kyung in a special art exhibit to celebrate the designer’s twenty years in the fashion industry.

The art, culture, and lifestyle exhibition also featured fashion photographer Mok Na Jung, DJ Gyum, Producer Baek Seung, Installation artists Kim Soo, and the L153 Art Company. Other celebrities have modeled for Jo Sung Kyung’s exhibit, including actor Yoo Seung Ho.

Yoo In Na’s photo concept was “Retro Red.” The actress looks amazing in her blown back hair and red lipstick. The strapless polka dotted top, short red shorts, and the cardigan over her shoulders makes her look like Wonder Woman.