Sunye Tweets Thank You Message and Photo After Her Wedding

Sunye, the first girl group member in the current generation to get married, revealed her selca showing her appreciation to the people who came to congratulate her at her wedding.

On January 27, Sunye added a picture of her wearing a beautiful wedding dress and tweeted, “Once again, I sincerely thank everyone’s blessing. I will have a blissful time on our honeymoon! God bless.” Sunye departed on her honeymoon to the Maldives.

On Januray 26, Sunye got married to a Canadian-Korean missionary named James Pak (29). Sunye’s church minister conducted the wedding, Jo Kwon was the emcee and Park Jin Young along with other JYP members sang at the ceremony.

Sunye and James Pak had been dating for three years. They met for the first time when Wonder Girl’s were performing in the U.S. and got closer when the two were volunteering in Haiti.

Sunye was first discovered in 2001 when she went through the JYP training program after she was selected in the SBS audition program “Gifted Development Project 99% Challenge.” Wonder Girls debuted into the music industry with the release of their first single album title song “Irony.” She then gained popularity as a singer after the release of Wonder Girls songs “Tell Me” and “Nobody.”