APink’s Jung Eun Ji Criticized for Her Dangerous and Childish Behavior

APink’s Jung Eun Ji is in hot water for violating traffic laws.

Several days ago, the singer-actress posted a photo on her personal me2day that led netizens to criticize her inappropriate and dangerous behavior. On January 17, she had posted, “I want to eat tangerines. But they’re warm because they were on top of the engine. I guess I’ll give my tangerines a breathe of fresh air. Don’t worry. They’re tightly sealed,” and attached her photos. In one of the photos, the tangerines were in a plastic bag, which were dangerously dangling outside the window of a moving car.

The post belatedly attracted attention from netizens after they were circulated through various online communities. Many netizens commented that her behavior was childish and violated the Road Traffic Act article 68, paragraph 3, which states that all drivers must take steps to ensure that all freights from vehicles are securely stored away to prevent accidents.

On January 27, a representative of A Cube Entertainment apologized, “We saw the photos that she had posted on her me2day. We realize that it is entirely our fault. It was a thoughtless act stemmed from carelessness. We are deeply sorry.”

Some netizens’ comments to the issue included, “What was she thinking? Good thing nothing happened,” “Had those tangerines gotten loose, someone could have lost his/her life,” “She probably thought she was being cute,” “Please think before you post,” “I’m really disappointed in her. She should have known better,” and more.