BoA Reveals MV for “Disturbance”

After revealing her new song “Disturbance” at her solo concert this past weekend, BoA has now released the full music video.

Written and composed by BoA herself, the song was released at noon today, January 28, on various music websites. The song is of the neo soul genre with a refreshing emotional melody.

The music video also features SHINee‘s Taemin. Despite the seven year age gap, the two show off their acting skills as a couple going though a rough stage of their relationship. At the end, we get to choose between two endings, “Let time go by” or “go back to the past.”

Her concert “BoA Special Live 2013 ~Here I am~” took place on January 26 and 27.

“Let time go by” Ending

“Go back to the past” Ending