Phantom Holds First Fan Signing Event

Male group Phantom, comprised of trio Sanchez, Kiggen and Hanhae, recently held their first fan signing event. 

On January 27, Phantom celebrated the release of their second mini album “Phantom Theory” with a fan sign event at the Youngpoong Bookstore located in Yeouido, Seoul. There, members of Phantom had the opportunity to spend a delightful time with fans while chatting with them face-to-face. Fans showed strong support by staying until the very end of the event and gave lots of encouraging messages. 

After the event, Phantom members expressed their joy in being able to meet their fans saying, “We were so happy to be able to meet all our fans in a more personal way” and “We are always so thankful for our fans who constantly show us their unchanging love for us.”

Phantom is currently promoting their new track “Like Cho Yong Pil.”