Haha’s Actual Height Is Revealed

Haha recently decided to reveal his actual height. On the latest recording of “Haha’s 19TV Mutiny,” Haha’s profile from ten years ago as a member of Z-Kiri was revealed. 

Back then, Haha revealed that he had lied about his age, height, and blood type. When the members of Z-Kiri discovered this, they demanded Haha to tell them the truth. Haha then explained on the show the behind-story as to why he had kept his blood type and age a secret. However, he went on to admit that he was reluctant at the time to tell the members his true height and thus was measured on the show to finally reveal it. It turns out that Haha’s actual height is not exactly close to the height he has listed on his current profile.

When Netizens heard of the news, they replied, “We already knew” and “But the fact he was still able to marry Byul makes him successful in overcoming his height.”

Haha’s true height will be revealed on the broadcast of the show scheduled to air on January 28.