Lee Sang Yeob Cast for “Jang Ok Jeong Lives in Love”

Lee Sang Yeob will be transforming into “Korea’s Nice Guy.”

Lee Sang Yeob was recently cast for SBS‘s new drama “Jang Ok Jeong Lives in Love” as the character “Dong Pyung Goon,” who is Suk Jong’s (Played by Yoo Ah In) dependable assistant and kin. He possesses a bright, friendly and gifted personality. Of particular interest is Dong Pyung Goon’s harboring of one-sided romantic feelings for Jang Ok Jeong, who is played by Kim Tae Hee

Lee Sang Yeob has drawn much interest for his acceptance of the role, for he is expected to bring a certain sensitivity to his character’s expression of feelings as well as lend the character his bewitching charms. “Jang Ok Jeong Lives in Love” is scheduled to air in April.