Jung Joon Young Would Like to Be Married to Sooyoung on “We Got Married”

It looks as though Girls’ Generation Sooyoung won’t be leaving the headlines for a while now ever since her rumored relationship with Won Bin. It looks as though one of the stars from Superstar K4, Jung Joon Young also has his sights locked on to her.

On the January 27 episode of “Three Stooges” Jung Joon Young made an appearance where he ended up doing a hamburger eating competition with Lee Soo Geun. Later Jung Joon Young was asked, “If you could film MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ with someone, who would that be?” Jung Joon Young sent out a love call to Sooyoung by stating, “I want to film it with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung.”

Jung Joon Young was known on Superstar K4 as having good lucks but a very unique personality. He became more popular when he did an awesome rendition of “To Become Dust” with the winner of Superstar K4, Roy Kim