Ex-Idol Song Jin Ah of Young Turks Club Indicted for Assaulting a Police Officer

The news about indictment of Song Jin Ah, a member of sensational 90s idol group Young Turks Club, without detention belatedly reached the public. Although she apologized to the pubic, she seemed somewhat vexed by her ex-idol title. She stated, “Everything happened back in early January. It’s been more than a decade since I retired as a singer. I’ve been living earnestly and diligently as an ordinary individual in this society.” 

Previously on January 6, Song Jin Ah got into an argument with a taxi driver regarding how much she had been charged. The two were brought to a police station, where Song Jin Ah used violent language and physically assaulted an officer. She was indicted without detention for such actions and was sentenced to fine. 

Song Jin Ah commented, “I already forgot about that incident and have been living my life the way it is. I don’t understand why people are so excited to dig this up from the past like it’s some big deal. This is also affecting my family very much. They are having a hard time with it. After the incident, I’ve been trying to get myself together, but now I don’t know how I’m supposed to continue my social and professional life. It’s ruining everything.”

Song Jin Ah has been having a hard time since her father passed away in November 2012. Netizens have been supportive of Song Jin Ah, arguing that unreasonable “witch hunt” of anyone is wrong, especially when one is no longer a public figure. Song Jin Ah thanked and apologized to these supporters, “No matter what happened, I know I did my share of wrong. I am very sorry to make those who care about me worry about me.”

Song Jin Ah made her debut as a member of Young Turks Club in 1996. Their songs “Affection,” “Jealousy,” and “Ugly Complex” were widely popular, opening the era of idol music. After Young Turks Club disbanded, Song Jin Ah retired as a singer and became a professional snowboarder. She later joined the Korean national snowboarding team. Currently, she is working as a marketing producer at a media company. 

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