SISTAR19 Reveals MV Teaser for “Gone, Not Around Any Longer”

With SISTAR19‘s comeback only a few days away, they have now revealed the music video teaser for their title track “Gone Not Around Any Longer” for their first single album. 

It has been quite a while since the sub unit debuted with their highly popular track “Ma Boy” in April of 2011. “Gone, Not Around Any Longer” seems to continue their sexy concept. It’s also been revealed that they have teamed up with Brave Brothers, who’s known to have made a few of SISTAR‘s previous hits such as “Push Push,” “So Cool” and “Alone.”

Set for release on January 31, other songs in the single include, “Sistar19,” “A Girl in Love,” and their previous hit song “Ma Boy.”

The girls recently revealed a set of bedside pictures along with more teaser pictures for their comeback.