“Idol Star Athletics Championship”: Is It Safe for the Idols?

During MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championship” that took place on January 28, SISTAR’s Bora and DMTN’s lead vocal Daniel were injured and required medical treatments. Both injuries occurred during the 70 meter dash.

Because her injury was minor, Bora is expected to make her SISTAR 19 comeback as planned. However, Daniel’s injury has been reported to be more serious.

Unfortunately on “Idol Star Athletics Championship,” idols get injured every year. Despite this problem, MBC continues to hold it annually because of its high rating and its value as a brand. For the same reasons, agencies make sure their idols appear on this show to promote themselves. This year, top stars including 2AM, MBLAQ, CNBlue, Kara, T-ara, SISTAR, 4minute, miss A, and A Pink have participated.

MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championship” is a huge star-studded event. Other broadcasting agencies have tried to hold similar programs without success.

To protect these idols, MBC crews have made preparations, such as having paramedics nearby. However, despite all these precautions, accidents appear to happen every year. Is it because of idols’ competitiveness? Or is it MBC’s fault for continuing with the program?

Meanwhile, “Idol Star Athletics Championship” is to be aired on February 11, 2013.