Secret’s Hyosung Is Cute and Sexy in Her Lingerie Pictorial

New photos from lingerie brand “Yes“s February issue pictorial were released. “Yes” is a popular underwear company that targets young women, mostly in their 20’s. In the photos is group Secret’s member Hyosung, who was recently selected as the model for this brand.

Hyosung shows off her voluptuous body and adorable charms in this pictorial. For Hyosung, the designer recommended lovely and cute looks, set in a natural setting. Lingerie that Hyosung wore during the photoshoot included various pastel colored underwear that showed off both her beautiful body and personality.

Despite the fact that it was an underwear photoshoot, an official later revealed that Hyosung showed optimism and confidence. The official added that to everyone’s delight, she was professional throughout the entire photoshoot.