Lee Hyori Loves to Play With Her Dog

On her Twitter on January 28, singer Lee Hyori uploaded a photo along with a message, “Pining Soon Shim.”

In the picture are Lee Hyori and her dog playing together. Lee Hyori is behind a glass window, while Soon Shim is on the other side staring at Hyori. With her loving expression, Lee Hyori appears to be having fun.

Netizens who saw this picture admired, “Cute,” “Soon Shim is lucky to have an owner like her,” “Are you in the middle of recording in that picture?” “Lee Hyori always looks good no matter what she is doing.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori, who is building a house in Jeju Island, was recently questioned of permanently relocating to the island. On January 19, her agency explained, “She is not moving. She is building a house to stay in when she has to travel for work.”