Yang Dong Geun to Get Married to His Pregnant Fiance This Year

Hip-hop artist and actor Yang Dong Geun (age 34), also known as YDG, has become a father! His fiance is currently revealed to be pregnant.

Yang Dong Geun has been dating his non-celebrity girlfriend for a long time and they have recently gotten engaged. His fiance is reported to be frequently visiting the OB/GYN for routine check-ups.

On January 28, a close source to Yang Dong Geun spoke with eNEWS and said, “Yang Dong Geun will get married soon,” and “They haven’t decided on venues yet but they are working to set the date so that Yang Dong Geun’s film shooting won’t be affected.”

Yang Dong Geun shared that he was able to decide that she was “the one” due to her unwavering faith for a long time. Especially after the news of her pregnancy, the happy couple has decided to prepare for their wedding.

Meanwhile, Yang Dong Geun is currently shooting the film, “The Punisher,” is a thriller about Chang Suk (Yang Dong Geun), who used to bully Joon Suk (Joo Sang Wook) during their high school years and Joon Suk’s payback after 15 years.