BEAST’s Yang Yoseob Thinks HyunA Is the Prettiest 4minute Member

BEAST‘s Yoseob recently revealed that he thinks HyunA is the prettiest member out of 4minute.

On the episode of “Weekly Idol” that aired on January 20, 4minute’s sub-unit 2Yoon (Heo Ga Yoon, Jun Ji Yoon) appeared on the show.

A mission during the show was for 2Yoon to guess Yoseob’s ranking of the 4minute members’ looks. Yoseob’s rankings were already given and Ga Yoon and Ji Yoon had to guess his answers.

Ga Yoon guessed, “HyunA is number one and I’m probably the last,” and explained, “Yoseob oppa is the most awkward with HyunA and the closest to me.”

Ji Yoon also answered, “Yoseob oppa probably chose that order because he didn’t want to hurt the person he was least close to,” as she agreed with Ga Yoon’s answers.

The emcees, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn revealed the answers and said, “You got both the #1 and #5 answers correct. Now we know what Yoseob’s character is like.”

During the show, 2Yoon called their fellow 4minute member HyunA and had a witty and funny conversation with her to much of the fan’s delights.