Han Hyo Joo’s “Tacky” Picture from 10 Years Ago

Can you tell that this is Han Hyo Joo?

Recently, an online community forum posted a picture of the actress under the title “Past Picture of Han Hyo Joo.”

It’s turns out the photo is from 2003 when she participated in a local beauty pageant where she won the top prize. At that time, she was a high school student and looked much younger than her current image.

Inside the picture, she fashionably sports a baggy white t-shirt revealing a shoulder. She poses with one arm angled to the side like she just won a beauty pageant.

Netizens who saw her picture commented, “Her eye makeup was so thick so I almost didn’t recognize her,” “She looked a bit tacky 10 years ago, but still cute,” “Han Hyo Joo was really youthful back then,” “So that’s what she looked during her rookie days.”

Soompiers, Han Hyo Joo’s been in the industry for quite some time now. Why do you think her picture from 10 years ago is released now?