Kim Tae Hee Spotted at a Hanbok Shop and Declines to Comment About Rain

Kim Tae Hee has been recently spotted for the first time after she admitted that she was in a relationship with Rain.

On January 29, cable channel Y-Star‘s “Live Star News” aired a segment of Kim Tae Hee out and about after the news of her relationship with Rain became public.

It seems that Kim Tae Hee had dropped by a hanbok (Korean traditional dress) shop on January 22 in order to prepare for her upcoming sageuk (historical fiction) drama, “Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love,” which will air in March. Kim Tae Hee appeared in an all-black outfit, emitting her signature beauty and elegance.

Kim Tae Hee reportedly spent time for a hanbok-fitting session and to grasp the concept of the outfits for her character. Kim Tae Hee will be playing Jang Ok Bin, who is a talented fashion designer of the Joseon-era.

The hanbok shop sources commented, “Kim Tae Hee did try on many hanboks and spent time deciding what was best and prettiest,” and “She was indeed very pretty.”

Even with the sudden appearance of cameras and reporters, Kim Tae Hee did not lose her smile. However, when the reporters started asking questions about her boyfriend Rain, she seemed flustered and silently walked with the help of her managers.

This segment of the broadcast also showed an interview with a source from the advertisement that Rain and Kim Tae Hee shot together two years ago. The source commented, “There were a lot of scenes where the two stars had to work together. They had to do a couple of dance moves too. But they worked very hard and even gave some ad-lib lines during the shoot.”

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee and Rain’s relationship was confirmed and acknowledged on January 1. This raised a series of issues on Rain’s military service including a couple of violations.