Kim Woo Bin Reveals Perfect High School Record with No Absences, Tardiness or Early Leaves

Actor Kim Woo Bin‘s surprising high school records were revealed. Not only in “School 2013” but in many other dramas, Kim Woo Bin usually played the rebellious youth character.

On January 29, KBS2 aired “School 2013 Special Let’s Go To School.” During the show, a clip of Kim Woo Bin’s past high school teacher was shown where he said, “My student Kim Woo Bin had a perfect school attendance record with no absences, no tardiness and no early leaves for three straight years.”

The teacher continued, “Kim Woo Bin shared his dreams of becoming a model since he was a first year. Our school had a particular rule about students’ hairstyles but Kim Woo Bin was an exception. He received permission to have different hairstyles.” It seems that Kim Woo Bin started his modelling career while he was still in high school.

Another achievement in Kim Woo Bin’s high school records drew eyes. He had won an award for a writing contest. He won the Encouragement Prize for a travel essay.

The teacher later on appeared in person on set and commented, “People didn’t really believe in having a dream of becoming a model in our countryside town. We did have high hopes for Woo Bin and his visuals were great but we never imagined he would be here. I am so proud of him for making it big.”