Clazziquai Reveals MV for “Sweetest Name,” New Album “Blessed” to Be Released Next Week

Ahead of the release of their fifth album “Blessed” next week on February 5, Clazziquai has revealed their music video for “Sweetest Name.”

The group previously released a special single “Can’t Go On My Own” in December. While the music video for “Sweetest Name” is less than two minutes long, it features the light electronic sound that they are known for.

It has been three years since the group’s 2009 album “Mucho Beat,” the remix of their fourth studio album, “Mucho Punk.” Alex has branched out to acting in addition to his solo music career. Horan, on the other hand, went on to be part of acoustic band Ibadi. She will also get married in March to her non-celebrity fiance DJ Clazzi released his first solo album, “Infant,” in January 2012.