[Updated] 2PM’s Taecyeon Is Selected to Appear on “We Got Married”?

Update: It has been revealed through other news outlets that JYP has denied reports that Taecyeon will appear on “We Got Married.” 2PM is currently preparing for their comeback. More information will be revealed soon. 

On January 29, it became clear that Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo will be leaving the popular show “We Got Married.” The next day, on January 30, it was announced that group 2PM’s Taecyeon will be appearing on the show instead.

An official from Lee Joon’s agency J. Tunes Camp stated, “We realize that the scandal involving Lee Joon’s message on the fan café has caused unintentional problems to the crews of ‘We Got Married.’ We thought that Lee Joon’s withdrawal from the show would be best for both Lee Joon, who has suffered from busy schedule, and also for the show.”

Oh Yeon Seo’s agency Well Made Star M made a similar statement. An official stated, “It is true that we are discussing Oh Yeon Seo’s departure.”

The controversy of Lee Joon-Oh Yeon Seo couple started when the scandal broke between Oh Yeon Seo and actor Lee Jang Woo. In addition to Oh Yeon Seo’s image, “We Got Married” was also negatively affected by this scandal. It is still unclear whether the addition of Taecyeon will have a positive effect on the show.

Soompiers, who would you like to see Taecyeon paired up with?