Tablo Shares a Photo of His Daughter

Member of hip hop group Epik High, Tablo greeted the public with his adorable daughter.

On January 28, he shared on his twitter the lovely photo along with the caption, “Haru, who fought over a cold. She found her smile later ^^ baby blo~”

Inside the picture, Haru seems to be at ease posing confidently for the camera. She doesn’t look like she just suffered from a cold.

He previously talked about his daughter more in depth through his interview with BBC on January 25. Tablo explained, “My daughter’s existence gives me much inspiration. When my daughter laughs while she looks at me, I believe it’s enough of a reason to live. I work much harder after she was born.”

In other news, Tablo is currently hard at work for his next album. It’s not specified whether he’s working on a solo or a group album.