Big Bang and Infinite Are Now Neighbors!

Well, look at that! Two of current hottest boy groups will live inside the same apartment complex! Their other neighbors just hit the jackpot. This is the real life version of “My Flower Boy Neighbor.”

It’s been revealed that Big Bang and Infinite have moved into the same apartment complex in western Seoul. Both groups moved in around the same time and the fact that they’re also currently super popular brought them into the center of much attention.

One music industry insider stated, “They probably didn’t move to the same location on purpose, but they became part of the same [apartment] family.”

The person continued, “Besides Big Bang and Infinite, many other idol groups are currently looking into their living situation possibilities.”

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that there are a few other celebrities who have already moved into the same complex or are planning to move into the area making many guess that the neighborhood would be a popular place to visit among their fans.

Soompiers, did you know that Big Bang and Infinite have a special connection? Epik High used to be a part of Woolim Entertainment, who is currently Infinite’s agency, but now is a part of YG Entertainment, the home of Big Bang.