CNBlue’s Kang Min Hyuk Shows Off Back Muscles

CNBlue drummer Kang Min Hyuk is known for his cute smile and the bright personality he plays in dramas, but the band member recently revealed a secret weapon. The idol’s tall and lean frame is made up of firm muscles.

Kang Min Hyuk recently participated in the filming of the KBS health program “Vitamin” as part of CNBlue’s current promotions for their fourth mini-album “Re:BLUE.” In the episode, the topic was information on the causes and prevention of allergies. As guest, Kang Min Hyuk was subjected to a test that determines his possible allergic reactions to 55 allergy-causing species. In the process of taking the test, the drummer took off his shirt and unleashed his hidden back muscles to the public.

His appearance on “Vitamin” is broadcast on January 30.