Lightning Flash Weather Forecast: Ok G-Dragon Is NOT a Hypocrite But…

Editor’s note: The following is an opinion piece that does not represent the views of Soompi as a whole.

So after all of the criticism in the comments, lightninstix had to check for itself what the dealio was. Turns out, lightningstix was wrong! Yes, you guys/gals were right about lightningstix referring to an incorrect translation.

Here is what lightningstix originally had thought:

G-Dragon recently stated this at a press conference of “Big Big ALIVE Galaxy Tour: The Final”: “I tend to listen to music from different genres for longer period of time than I do with easy-to-consume K-pop that’s more monolithic in genre. I wish K-Pop would stop following popular trends so hastily and go back to its roots, where it was producing memories as well as music. I feel like the music industry in Korea is more restricted in its variety than that of other countries.” 

The correct translation: (Is a combination of the following quotes)

“The Korean music industry is a lot more limited than overseas countries. I tend to listen to music that has distinguished itself in a genre for a longer time than Korean music that spins too quickly.”(“Spins too quickly” is meant to mean easy-to-consume, but music that will only be listened to for a short period of time)

“From a certain turning point, I have tried to think less about music that focuses on ‘idols’ or ‘popularity.’”

“In the instance of overseas music, there is a fast reaction to new music. But, if there is a good song, a reaction will occur about the song after 2-3 months or even 6 months. I hope that instead of a music industry that fades so quickly, I would like it if a good song comes out it will be specialized in its genre, and if we went back to when we were able to think about our memories if we listened to a song.”

Now, lightningstix will change his stance and agree that G-Dragon is not engaging in hypocrisy. However, lightningstix still has some beef with what G-Dragon is saying. It’s all nice and gravy to criticize the Korean music industry, (even though you play a big part of it) after all, every music industry has its problems.

However, when comparing South Korea’s music market with other overseas markets (lightningstix is assuming that G-Dragon is talking about U.S. or European music markets) you have to take into consideration the size of the country and cultural differences. Korean pop music has not been around for a long time, and most of the time even back then it was extremely trendy. (Ballad, rock, trot, and/or hip-hop you name it)

The Korean market is also very small and information/music travels around South Korea very quickly because it is so wired. (In terms of internet access) Add the layer of idol oversaturation and you have an overabundance of new music coming out that sounds the same to a small market. It is a nice sentiment to want music to last longer, be more specialized, and be like the good ol’ times. But, lightningstix doesn’t see that happening in a small music market in South Korea. Also, there isn’t a large enough audience to support artists who want to specialize. The last point about the good ol’ times sounds more like nostalgia as well.

Once again, lightningstix must emphasize that it actually likes to listen to G-Dragon’s music. But, lightningstix is unhappy with the way that the Korean media is praising G-Dragon’s statements as being “AWESOME CRITICISM AIMED AT THE KOREAN MUSIC MARKET.” Sure, it works in G-Dragon’s favor because he will seem cooler.

But, lightningstix can’t help but feel uncomfortable. Just imagine if one day Justin Bieber criticized the style of pop music that he helped become a trend, or if Dr. Dre began to criticize the type of gangsta hip-hop he made popular. (Wait he does do that)

Regardless, lightningstix appreciated your candid comments in the previous article, and yes, lightningstix will continue to refer to itself in the third person.

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