GLAM’s Zinni Reveals Impressive B-boy Head Spin Skills

A short clip of GLAM‘s Zinni busting out her impressive B-boy head spin move and much more has been gaining a lot of views. 

On January 29, a clip of Zinni demonstrating her awesome B-boy dancing skills was uploaded on GLAM’s official YouTube channel. 

In the clip, Zinni reveals that she knows more than a thing or two about B-boying with a couple of male back-up dancers who help her complete a backflip in mid-air without touching the ground; she also shows off her impressive footwork and ends the short dance spiel with her now trademark head spin move from the choreography of “I Like That.” 

Zinni proves that she is quite the talented and powerful dancer in the group. Even without make-up, netizens were impressed with Zinni’s natural beauty and dancing form. 

In related news, GLAM is currently promoting their track “I Like That” which was released last month.