Celebrities to Compete in “MasterChef: Celebrity Edition”

Are you familiar with “MasterChef”? If not, it’s a cooking reality show where contestants, consisting of amateurs, get eliminated after creating dishes for different challenges. Originated in the United Kingdom, it has now become a hot franchise and many countries including South Korea also have their own version.

South Korea is currently seeing a surge of cooking programs broadcasted on cable channels. O’live was originally a fashion-lifestyle channel, but has now developed its identity as a food cable channel similar to America’s Food Network.

Now, the station decided to add a twist to the cooking game show by having celebrity contestants. It’s been revealed that Tony Ahn, Son Ho Young, miss A’s Fei, Super Junior-M’s Henry, Dal Shabet’s Ji Yul and more will participate in the tasty competition. The battle for the first place will be broadcasted over 8 weeks and the winner will walk away with 100,000,000 won (~$100,000).

Quite a number of people are interested in the celebrity edition as a few are already known for their experience with cooking. Tony Ahn is currently the CEO of successful comfort food restaurant franchise while Son Ho Young participated as a MC for O’live’s corner “Food Essay” and was recognized for his cooking skills.

An official from the program commented, “The production staff and chefs met with the contestants and tested their basic cooking skills. All of the contestants cooking skills were surprisingly good and one of them was surprisingly really talented. Please look forward to the broadcast.”