Nine Muses Members Show Incredible Flexibility Through Stretching

On January 24, on their official Twitter, group Nine Muses released behind-the-scene photos that were taken during the making of their music video.

In the pictures, Nine Muses members Hyuna and Kyungri are stretching to get ready to dance. It is no wonder they are nicknamed the “Model-dols” as they show off their incredibly flexibility with their long and lean arms and legs.

Fans who saw these photos admired, “It looks like their legs are at least 2m long,” “Maybe the secret to their beautiful bodies is stretching?”

Meanwhile, with an addition of new member Sohn Sung Ah, Nine Muses recently made their comeback with their single track “Dolls.” Along with other girl groups that made recent comebacks, including Girls’ Generation and 2Yoon, Nine Muses is expected by music industry insiders to have an active and successful year in 2013.