After School’s Nana and Hello Venus’s Lime Look Annoyed in Their Recent Selca

On her me2day on January 30, After School’s Nana uploaded a photo along with a message, “We were busy eating when Nara took a picture of us. We are annoyed. With Hello Venus’s Lime.”

In the picture are Nana and Lime looking at the camera with angry expressions on their faces. They are holding kabobs and are wearing orange jogging outfits. With their adorable hairstyles and expressions, Nana and Lime look cute in this photo.

Netizens who saw this picture admired, “Nana’s expression is so cute” “Are you guys mad because you didn’t get to eat enough food?” “They really look like little kids. Jogging outfits look great on them,” “I wonder if they’re that cute when they are really angry.”