Seo In Young Responds to Baek Ji Young’s Story on “Strong Heart”

Artist Seo In Young has recently responded to the story of how Baek Ji Young did not like her in the past.

On January 30, Seo In Young tweeted, “Sometimes, misunderstandings create chances to make better friendships. Please continue to like me.”

Seo In Young seems to be referring to Baek Ji Young’s story that was shared on the most recent episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on January 29.

During the show, Baek Ji Young surprisingly admitted that she didn’t like Seo In Young in the past. She said, “I hated how she acted too cute and I hated her because of her barbie doll-like body. I hated everything about her.”

But Baek Ji Young proceeded to share how Seo In Young came up to her and said, “Senior, please like me,” which softened Baek Ji Young’s heart. After reconciling, the two artists have kept up a good relationship.

After seeing Seo In Young’s tweet, netizens reacted, “Is Baek Ji Young stronger than Seo In Young?” “This is a new side to Seo In Young… how surprising,” “Seo In Young’s response was really cute,” and more.