Seo In Gook Attempts to Be Friendly With a Snake

On his me2day on the afternoon of January 29, singer Seo In Gook uploaded a photo along with message, “This is our agency’s recording studio mascot! I was scared of it at first, but now we can be friends? Let’s be friendly with each other.”

In the picture is Seo In Gook at a recording studio and staring intently at the pet snake and holding it lightly. Though he is trying to be comfortable with the snake, Seo In Gook has a tense and awkward expression on this face.

Netizens who saw this picture commented, “It’s gross,” “So your agency’s recording studio mascot is a snake?” “He has such a stressed expression on his face.”

Meanwhile, Seo In Gook plans to appear on MBC’s upcoming reality program “When a Man Lives Alone,” which will start its broadcast in February 2013.