Park Shi Hoo’s Comical Dancing from “Alice In Cheongdamdong” Was Only Shown to Ex-Girlfriend in the Past

Park Shi Hoo talked about his comical dancing, which became quite a hot topic, in the recently ended drama, “Alice In Cheongdamdong.”

Park Shi Hoo was interviewed during a segment of “One Night of TV Entertainment” on January 30. The reporter asked, “Were there any embarrassing scenes for you in the drama?” Park Shi Hoo answered that he was really embarrassed whenever he had to do the comical dancing without any music on set.

The reporter proceeded to ask, “Did you make that dance from practicing?” Then Park Shi Hoo answered, “I just danced however I felt like dancing.” He continued, “Actually, I only showed that kind of dancing to my girlfriend. I did that dance whenever my girlfriend and I would go out on dates.”

The reporter then asked, “Was that your effort to make your girlfriend happy?” He answered, “I just danced because I was happy.”

Park Shi Hoo also talked about his dating style. He said, “Once I start dating, I tend to date for a long time,” and “The longest relationship I’ve been in is four years.”

Let’s watch Park Shi Hoo’s comical dancing on “Alice In Cheongdamdong” once more!