Yu Oh Sung Fell Into a Slump After Starring in “Friend”

Actor Yu Oh Sung experienced a slump after he co-stared in the movie “Friend.”

He recently appeared on tvN’s show “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside” and confessed his true story.

The talk show was filmed at a pub in Sinchon, Seoul, and with Korean pancakes and rice wine in front of them, the actor confessed his story for the first time. Yu Oh Sung revealed, “After filming ‘Friend,’ I got in a slump. I don’t even have the phone numbers of the actors and actresses I worked with.”

The audience felt more compassion for Yu Oh Sung after he added, “I didn’t receive a wedding invitation from my fellow ‘Friend’ cast member Jang Dong Gun so I didn’t go to that wedding.”

Yu Ho Sung unveiled that during the filming of “Friend,” he injected silicon botox to his cheeks without any anesthesia to look like a young high school boy. He also revealed details about his brothers, one who is currently a professor at Seoul National University and another who is a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Yu Oh Sung’s honest story in “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside” was aired on January 30.