Kim Ha Neul to Release Compilation Album With Songs That She Picked Herself

Kim Ha Neul is releasing a compilation album titled “Sky.”

On January 30, Pastel Music will be releasing Kim Ha Neul’s healing project, “Sky.” A representative said, “The project is to share the songs which have the power of healing to people with difficult lives.”

It is noteworthy that the actress impressively picked the songs in the album herself. A spokesperson revealed, “Usually actors or actresses lend their name and appear as a model for an album. However, Him Ha Neul took the curator’s job and picked the most meaningful songs out of over 300 songs.”

The album is comprised of songs by Epitone Project, Han Hee Jung and Lucia. It is a package of three disks. Pastel Music’s representative revealed, “It is 2013’s best healing music for people with repetitive daily lives and with nowhere to lean on and who are tired of reality.”

Kim Ha Neul is trying to communicate with fans through the album. She attached meaning to the album and was quoted as saying, “The album is filled songs which suits with my sensibility and temperature. Listening to each song, they became my dream, love, story and voice.”