Goo Hara Is Suffering From Acute Appendicitis and Will Undergo Surgery

It’s been reported by “Joy News 24,” a Korean media outlet, that Kara’s Goo Hara is currently at a hospital in Seoul and will undergo surgery to remove her appendix after it was verified that she’s suffering from acute appendicitis. Some of the symptoms of appendicitis include dull or sharp pain, nausea and/or vomiting, high fever and constipation or liquid bowel movements.

According to her agency’s official, she complained of a stomach ache during the early hours on January 31 and was rushed to the hospital.

An official from her company stated, “It’s correct that she’s receiving appendectomy. We hope that the surgery will go smoothly. After the surgery, she will rest so that she can fully recover.”

Meanwhile, Kara has a schedule in Japan on February 1, but it’s uncertain whether Goo Hara will attend. She’s currently looking at scripts and is planning to challenge herself through acting during Kara’s break from album promotions in the near future.