Lightning Flash Weather Forecast: Taecyeon Denies “WGM” Appearance, What We Should Really Focus On…

So, we reported yesterday that Korean media sources had stated that 2PM’s Taecyeon was confirmed to appear in the global version of “We Got Married.” It looks as though JYP has finally cleared it up as they stated, “There was an incorrect rumor that Taecyeon would be appearing on ‘We Got Married’ in order to replace MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo. Currently due to his overseas activities it is impossible for him to appear in the Korean version of “We Got Married.”

The representative from JYP continued, “The offer that Taecyeon received was to appear in the global version of ‘We Got Married.’ Currently we are reviewing whether he should make an appearance or not.”

Now, as we have reported before, the reasons that so much focus is on Taecyeon’s appearing on “We Got Married” (Besides Taecyeon’s popularity) is the scandalous café post that Lee Joon had made, “I feel bad about lying when you can see everything. I am a person and I can’t do fake acting that people obviously know is fake.”

Problems had occurred before when Oh Yeon Seo was caught up in a scandal with Lee Jang Woo. This fact was later denied by “We Got Married.” However, it is now a confirmed fact that Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo will be dropping out of “We Got Married.”

Well, what’s the big dealio then? The beef that Netizens have with Oh Yeon Seo’s dropping out is reality and truth. Korean Netizens are questioning how real “We Got Married” actually is. Let that sink in for you, currently a big issue that is being brought up against a “REALITY TV SHOW” that shows a “VIRTUAL COUPLE” is whether, the “VIRTUAL COUPLE” is acting real or not. For lightningstix that is quite interesting.

The second beef, goes into the heart of the issue. Put simply: How stupid does the “We Got Married” PR Team or J.Tune Entertainment think your average Netizen/Fan is? It looks like the answer is pretty stupid.

Now if we go deeper into the scandal, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo’s response to the dating rumor was a bit strange. Oh Yeon Seo’s representatives stated that “They are just getting to know each other,” “They got close because of filming a drama together,” and “They only met 2-3 times.” Lee Jang Woo’s representatives should have made a statement but they kept their silence.

Afterwards we have Lee Joon’s café statement pop up and as an explanation J.Tune Entertainment says, “Lee Joon was upset because he couldn’t be truthful all the way, and was extremely busy because of his schedule.” “We Got Married” stated that Lee Joon’s schedule was too busy.

Now regardless of the fact that we are talking about being real in a virtual relationship, why can’t J.Tune Entertainment or “We Got Married” just give it to us straight? When all the facts are out there, it’s really pointless to play stupid.