SISTAR19 Does Sad Hip-Hop with “Gone Not Around Any Longer”

SISTAR’s unit group SISTAR19 released their new song “Gone Not Around Any Longer” on January 31. On this day,the music video was also released, which revealed SISTAR19’s new “Butt Slide Dance” (watch the video to understand what that means).

It has been 2 years since SISTAR19 has come back and this song was written by Brave Brother. The song is a sensual and sad hip hop number. It talks about a blossoming love that is now on its decline. As one can tell in the music video, SISTAR19 becomes sultry sirens who sing about a withering love. Towards the climax, Hyorin’s vocals intertwine with a saxophone.

SISTAR19’s agency Starship Entertainment stated, “In terms of visuals, SISTAR19 has managed to merge the two different characters Hyorin and Bora into one. SISTAR19 is able to give off a mysterious charm that is undeniable. SISTAR19’s visual concept has a chic and haughty charm that is also very sexy. The two manage to captivate the viewer as they go back and forth between the line of young girl and lady.”