Park Shi Hoo’s Ideal Girl Doesn’t Have to Be Tall but Has to Be Cute

Actor Park Shi Hoo revealed the qualifications of his ideal type.

On the most recent episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Park Shi Hoo was interviewed in the “Tell Me Your Wish” corner, where he talked about his drama, past relationships, and more.

When asked what kind of girl he likes, Park Shi Hoo replied, “Well, let’s see…I’m a little shy and can’t get close to new people fast, so I like someone who’s very active.”

The reporter followed with another question, “Do you consider appearances? He answered, “No, I don’t look at appearances.” Park Shi Hoo continued, “I don’t really look at height either, however, I do like the cute types.”

During the interview, the actor also talked about his dating style. He explained, “Once I start dating someone, I .. The longest time I’ve dated someone was about four years.”

Meanwhile, Park Shi Hoo recently wrapped up his latest drama, SBS’s “Alice in Cheongdamdong,” where he played Cha Seung Jo, the youngest CEO of Artemis, the leading luxury goods distribution company. He’s also a second-generation chaebol, who has no intention of taking over his father’s company. He doesn’t trust women after a bad breakup, but deep down, he’s still a romanticist who believes in true love.