Secret’s Zinger Updates Fans With Selca

It’s been a while since some fans have seen Secret’s resident rapper.

On January 31, Zinger updated her twitter with a sexy-cute selca. She greeted her fans, “Lets meet at ‘Seoul Music Awards’! Keke, it’s been a long time, right? You wanted to see me?”

The picture reveals that she’s lost some weight since the last time she appeared before the public. She manages to look both sexy and cute by posing adorably in her legs revealing stage outfit.

Quite a few fans commented on her twitter that she looks good, but it was interesting to find a fellow K-Pop idol to comment as well. Rainbow’s No Eul commented, “Hana’s [Zinger’s real name] body is to die for~ >_< Woah sexy girl~~~ ㅎㅅㅎ You’re pretty, pretty ^^”

Zinger was seriously injured due to a car accident last month on December 11. Among all the members of Secret, Zinger was injured most severely and caused her fans to worry. She was planning to rest a couple weeks for recovery and make a comeback through “Golden Disk Awards,” which was held on January 15 and 16. Her agency later made an announcement that it’s still too early for her to dance so they’ve pushed back her date to continue with her schedules.

Meanwhile, the “Seoul Music Awards” will be held on January 31.